Vice president of CLM Iqra Nadeem :

Iqra nadeem,born on 26 december 1991 in lahore pakistan, is a young pakistani catholic christian who is a political activist for christian minority rights, a writer and a play director in her college . she work as a vice president in christian labour movement.

Early Education
Iqra Nadeem got admitted in the LDA model girls high school at the age of 4 in 1996. When she was in 7th standard , she found reading bible by her teacher and she asked her if she was a christian?  when she repoted this to the headmistress of the school that iqra is a christian , she ordered immidiately to rustigate iqra out of the school because that was a muslim school and they thought that iqra is a christian girl and she could leave religiously  impacts on other muslim girls. then she went to another school which was SAM kids campus. there she passed her matriculate with science subjects in 2006 . she was so scared of throwing out of school that she never opened her bible in the school or any public place. she did not want to face that insult and discrimination again.  she did her intermediate in English literature, Psychology and computer sciences from Apwa college from 2006- 2008 in first division. Then she took admission in Kinnaird college Lahore for her bachlor’s degree in 2008 and graduated in 2012 with high grades.
Political Career
Iqra Nadeem from a very young age felt the human rights voilation in Pakistan, specially the discrimination and religious intolerance with christians. she attended many seminars and workshops to get awareness and to find what role she can play for the betterment of society and christian minority issues. these emotions got more strong when the gojra roits happened in 2009 and muslim extremists burnt many people alive, their houses were burnt and their things were looted. Iqra was so angry and sad at that incident and she decided to do something for her christian community. she wrote many plays on the voilation of human rights in pakistan, and through those plays based on human rights voilation, she showed the christian minority issues because it was not safe to be known as a christian dramatist and to show the chritian minority issues to the public.  she directed and acted in them them on stage both in inter semester and inter college drama festivals. she took her plays in famous theatres of lahore like Rafi peer theatre and won prizes. Her famous plays are “dia jalta hai—the hope lives on”, “Kissa us shab ka—-The tale of that night” , “Pathar k insaan—humans of stone” ,”khawaishain band pinjray me—–wishes in cage”, “kahani saans leti hai—the story does breath”, rang o raqs (colors and dance ), “the ideal society” , summer nights, i wish you love.
Iqra also joined an NGO named CARE foundation lahore and teached the poor children free of cost. there she also arranged the fund raisor event and gave the fund to the NGO for the free education and teaching facilities for the poor children. Iqra also went to the small,dirty and unconstructed villages, where christian community lives, to teach and spread awareness among the christrian children that they should not be afraid of anything and play a role in the prosperity of Pakistan.

Iqra started writing her book “christian muslim dialogue and pakistan’s blasphemy law” in 2011 with the advise of the active members of  CLM. Iqra’s book is a great effort in the history of Pakistan for the rights of christians. The concept of having dialogues between muslims and christians to resolve the christian problems is the best and most peaceful way to settle the conflicts.